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Laurel Minnes

"Laurel was the person we immediately thought of when we needed clean vocals on our record. It was definitely very different than anything she had done but it didn't phase her at all. With minimal direction she was able to come up with melodies, harmonies and completely nailed down the vibe of our record without issue. We'd go back to her every time. Not to mention she is the kindest and most caring individual. She will care about you and your music"

- KW Campol, Vile Creature

Laurel Minnes is a Niagara-based film, stage and voice actor, vocalist, ukulelist, songwriter an composer/arranger. She has provided her voice for musical collaborations, radio ads and jingles, as as performed in various musical stage productions, as well as short films.

Minnes has collaborated with genre-spanning Juno- and Polaris-nominated artists, from wistful indie-folk group Great Lakes Swimmers to epic heavy-metal duo Vile Creature – the latter for which she received a Juno nod for her choral arrangements.


Her musical project Minuscule harnesses the power of a 15-piece all-female choir and an eclectic backing band to create a powerful new form of introspective pop. Their debut album “Great”  secured Minnes’ recognition as Songwriter of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards and has had various tracks featured on CBC Music.



Great Lake Swimmers - Uncertain Country (2022) - choral arrangements, vocals

Vile Creature - Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (2021) - choral arrangements, vocals

THUNDERCLAP! - Strange Songs for Strang Times (2023) - vocals

Jacques Forget - Till The Day I Die (2023) - vocal arrangements, vocals

Brandon Agnew - Aquarius Moon (2023) - vocals

THUNDERCLAP! - Blank Slate (2023) - vocals
Steve Goldberger - All Roads Lead to You (2022) - vocals

Vile Creature - Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (2021) - choral arrangements, vocals

Kenny Kirkwood - Let's Turn the World Around (2021) -  vocals

Brandon Agnew - Maeve's Variety (2021) - vocals

Arih SK - Ready (2020) - vocals

Minuscule - Great (2020) - composition, engineering, production, vocals, ukulele, choral arrangements

Majora - Vol. 4 (2019) - composition, production, vocals, ukulele

Steve Goldberger - The Gentle Spirit (2018) - vocals

Majora - Siblings (2018) - composition, production, vocals, ukulele

Whitney Pea - Full Bloom (2016) - vocals. ukulele

Vile Creature - A Pessimistic Doomsayer (2016) - vocal arrangements, vocals

Majora - Majora (2015) - composition, vocals, ukulele

Hulley - Hulley (2015) - vocals

Whitney Pea - All A Feeling (2014) - vocals, ukulele

Joe Lapinski - The Beauty Beyond (2013) - vocals

Whitney Pea - With A Heart Intending Forward (2012) - vocals


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